Recent cases

It is always difficult to get a concrete picture of the kind of things a lawyer deals with when looking on ‘from the sideline’. Below are a number of cases in which NELEOS is currently involved or was recently involved.

Second opinions disciplinary law

Providing second opinions in ongoing disciplinary proceedings against an accountant, against a banker and against some lawyers.

Advance payment of damages

Pursuing an interlocutory proceeding to get an advance-payment on the damages which must be established later in a separate (‘damage state’) procedure.

Auditor’s liability

The conduct of proceedings over his liability against an auditor who made a series of professional misconducts.

Aansprakelijkheid accountant

Het voeren van een procedure tegen een accountant die een reeks van beroepsfouten maakte over diens aansprakelijkheid.

Directors’ and officers’ liability (3)

Advising a former director of a bank in his discussion with the curators about his liability for the deficit in the bankruptcy estate.

Second opinion

Giving a second opinion in a dispute with the tax authorities regarding the amount of the goodwill of a company.