Recent cases

It is always difficult to get a concrete picture of the kind of things a lawyer deals with when looking on ‘from the sideline’. Below are a number of cases in which NELEOS is currently involved or was recently involved.

Violation of duty of care

Advising a debtor of a bank about whether or not the financial institution did fulfil its duty of care.

Shareholders agreement with venture capital company

Advising shareholders in a company in which a venture capital company will take an interest.

Action for the lifting of an attachment

Conducting interlocutory proceedings with the requirement that imposed precautionary seizures have to be lifted.

Claim validation proceedings

Conducting proceedings against the trustee in a bankruptcy in order to get a disputed claim of the creditor on the inventory formally recognized.

Buyout co-shareholder

Advising one of the shareholders of a company in the service sector in the buyout of a co-shareholder.

Third-party mortgage foreclosure by bank and court-appointed administrator

Advising the provider of a third-party mortgage when the bank and court-appointed administrator foreclose following bankruptcy of the actual debtor.