Disciplinary law

Business service providers (such as lawyers, civil-law notaries, accountants, tax advisers, bailiffs, brokers and valuators) must abide by the codes of conduct and other specific rules of their profession. Also (new) bank employees must abide by certain rules.

In recent years, the tribunals maintaining these rules have become increasingly stringent. Those affected by a business services provider which breaks the rules see their complaints honoured much earlier and translated into a warning, a reprimand, or a (temporary or permanent) appeal ban. Moreover, disciplinary cases often also constitute a prelude to a separate procedure in the recovery of damages. In disciplinary attacks NELEOS assists its clients where necessary.

For the service provider facing a disciplinary complaint, the consequences can be very drastic. Not infrequently such a ‘victim’ attempts to save his skin himself, and as a result the damage is often greater than necessary. Under the motto that a surgeon should never remove his own appendix, NELEOS is for them a natural partner in the conduct of a professional defence.