A.J. van Soelen

Albert Jan van Soelen studied law in Amsterdam until 1988. He subsequently worked at Deloitte and at Loyens & Volkmaars. At the end of 2000 Van Soelen was one of the co-founders of Spigthoff. He was associated with this law firm as a partner up to and including 2009. One of his main reasons for switching to NELEOS was the belief that a small scale provides a better environment for helping clients.

After an initial focus on taxation law Van Soelen deliberately opted for working as a (civil) lawyer. In this choice, the opportunism that underlies our tax system was an important consideration. A musician who plays a untuned instrument can never hit the right tone. And that is a requisite for putting the motto “When it matters, you can count on me” into practice.

Van Soelen has a broad legal field of vision, is a strong strategic thinker and has a solid sense of social commitment. He solves problems through open and direct communication and is a reliable negotiating partner for his opponent. Van Soelen does not believe in dragging matters into court if it can be avoided. However, if it can’t be avoided litigation is swift and ruthless. Van Soelen is also available as a third party charged with giving a binding opinion and as an arbitrator. He is also frequently asked to give second opinions. Van Soelen has registered the area of ‘civil law’ in the register of legal areas of the Dutch Bar Association. This is subject to requirements with regard to what is known as ‘permanent education’.

Outside his profession Van Soelen is one of the initiators of ‘De Lotgenoten‘ (The Companions), a club of 100 friends that finances new compositions of the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble (Dutch Wind Instruments Ensemble). He is happy to write editorials for national newspapers on subjects that have his interest. From 2003 to 2018 Van Soelen was also deputy judge at the Court of Appeal in Den Bosch.