Taxation law

Specialist tax lawyers deal in tax opportunities. Their focus on taxation regulations means that the associated risks in other areas often don’t enter the picture. NELEOS is unable to look at optimising a company’s tax position without making these risks visible as well. Streamlining tax consequences may be important but it should never be an objective in itself.

Giving tax advice alone does not form part of the core business of NELEOS. The firm is too small to keep up with the huge number of new taxation rules that come into effect almost every day. That does not alter the fact that the comprehensive experience in taxation matters is very useful when it comes to spotting potential tax issues in the ideas of entrepreneurs. Nor does it alter the fact that NELEOS knows what it’s talking about when it comes to lending a helping hand in cases against the Tax and Customs Administration.

Entrepreneurs can also consult NELEOS for a second opinion on any advice from their tax advisor or accountant. In case of wrong and already overdue recommendations further increase of the damage can often be limited. Where necessary, it goes without saying that the professional liability insurer of the person responsible is involved in this process. And if a summons has to be made, this is done by a lawyer who is also well known with the fiscal ins and outs of the case.