In summary

NELEOS Legal Services is an attentive law firm with out-of-the-box methods. For companies needing down-to-earth advice about business law and insolvency law this is the place to call.

Passion for the job is the focal point. Routine, complacency and acquiescene are not part of the vocabulary, and certainly not endless discussions. NELEOS is driven, flexible and dedicated and looks for concrete solutions. Based on comprehensive experience. The founder of the firm is mr. Albert Jan van Soelen.

The firm’s clientele is very varied and ranges from start-ups through to family businesses with long traditions. All, however, are companies that are able to make quick decisions and distinguish between main and secondary issues. They are also aware that success is simply getting up once more often than falling down.

NELEOS works on the basis of the philosophy that a lawyer must have the courage to take a clear stand, sometimes even towards his own client. To bring a case to a good conclusion a client’s stubbornness sometimes has to be taken down a notch or the fear of the unknown must be eliminated. At the same time one of the principles is that a lawyer must be clearly aware of his own limitations and not hide behind disclaimers. After all, trust is not the signing of a contract, but the subscription to a persuasion.

The firm’s motto is finding a good balance between professionalism and enjoyment. In that mindset an introductory meeting is just as likely to take place at the kitchen table as on a boat in the canal.