NELEOS caters to entrepreneurs looking for a no-nonsense approach, who want to be able to close the file on a problem as quickly as possible. They want to know what solution their lawyer would choose if his own money was involved.

Specifically to make this possible, NELEOS opts for a small-scale approach. Case files are not passed down to assistants or trainees. Clients can be confident that their problem is being solved by someone with the relevant experience. After all, law is not a science. It is a profession. A profession that one can only learn in practice.

Needless to say, working in a small setting must not compromise quality. If the case requires it, Van Soelen will team up with partners from his business network. These are usually fellow professionals with specialist know-how. If added capacity is needed, Van Soelen sometimes also works with generalists. When engaging others, improper motives never play a role. After all, the firm’s business model is not based on making a profit on subordinates or on receiving return commissions.

Consequently, at NELEOS result-oriented entrepreneurs can be assured of personal attention from a lawyer with plenty of experience without having to worry about unnecessary costs. For instance, helping to pay for the training of someone who is learning the profession.

Van Soelen is also the natural choice as a partner for colleagues with a conflict of interest with respect to a certain case. For Van Soelen quality, experience and self-knowledge go without saying. Furthermore, not only does he have no intention of ‘stealing’ someone else’s client, he has absolutely no need to do so either.