There are no grey areas at NELEOS when it comes to invoicing, either. All clients pay the same hourly rate for whatever work is done for them, namely € 325 excluding VAT. The firm does not undertake any work on the basis of legal aid.

Contrary to the usual practice in the industry the hourly rate is not increased with a surcharge for so-called ‘overheads’. Automatic annual increases are also out of the question. After all, NELEOS knows better than anyone that a little step higher on the seniority ladder rarely means that the lawyer in question is able to work more efficiently.

As a result, when choosing NELEOS, entrepreneurs who know the rules of the game don’t have to continuously keep an eye out for money being earned for nothing. It is exactly for this reason that a clear specification of the hours worked is attached to each invoice. And invoices aren’t sent after waiting so long that it becomes almost impossible to check them, either.

In appropriate cases NELEOS also offers its clients the option of working on the basis of a fixed price agreement, combined with or without a success-fee.

NELEOS expects the same down-to-earth approach from its clients. Unless there are special agreements, invoices must be paid within two weeks. Court fees are charged to the client prior to submitting the first procedural document. In cases with insolvency risks work is only done on the basis of upfront fees. After all, a war cannot be won if the soldiers are not paid.